Sunday, 13 November 2016

New work: Oil v Watercolour

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks  I have managed to produce a couple of new paintings.  I have struggled of late to find time, while organising the arts festival Carshalton Artists Open Studios. SO this weekend was refreshing to get down to working again. The theme is a return to Lyme Regis, in Dorset, during the summer of 2016.  As usual with Lyme Regis the wether was terrible, cold, stormy, perfect!

These days are when inspiration comes in so many wonderful levels. The initial quickly scribbled drawings and notes are a starting point towards so many variations on a theme.

Cold Summer Cob, Lyme Regis

The Cob that day felt so exposed, so cold for a summers day.  The clouds rolled over the sky from right to left as they drifted out to see.  It was all so dramatic.  The painting above is painted in oil, with pencil and tea.  I like the minimal use of colour; and believe me that was the hardest thing, with layers of paint removed by palette knife or cloth.

Following this I wanted to return to another theme, of Carshalton Ponds.  This was again from a sketch, produced over a long period of time, mainly because it was warm!

Evening Summer Sun, Carshalton Ponds

I have produced an oil from the same sketch, so wanted to try return to the theme but in watercolour with charcoal.  I liked doing this particular picture, due to the spontaneity of drawing with charcoal and overlaying with colour.  Working back into the piece as it dries also needed the faster working methods that I have become to enjoy.  It all gives the piece an expressive quality and I enjoy using expressive mark marking, that becomes a direct consequence from working so fast.

Taking this last piece on further is now an interest to me and I will revisit themes and sketches I have done before.   


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